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Booking an appointment

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Bowen Appointments


Day of treatment 

  • Please wear or bring appropriate clothes for treatment, something light eg. thin trousers/leggings (no jeans please) t-shirt, strap top etc.

  • A session lasts from 60 - 90 mins. An in depth case history will be taken on the first treatment, this is followed by a few physical assessments and then a Bowen treatment which lasts from 20 - 40 mins depending on your needs.

  • It is required that you receive no other type of physical therapy during your course of the first 3 Bowen treatments unless otherwise advised, this is to help prevent any interference whilst your body is in repair mode after a Bowen session. The less interference, the greater the gain for you. 


After treatment 

  • You will be advised to drink more water if needs be to help with the efficiency of the bodies repair.

  • You will also be advised to carry out gentle exercise, usually walking, to stimulate lymphatic and blood flow and help prevent aches and pains.

  • You should not carry out any strenuous activity for a minimum of 3 days after each treatment, this can dramatically hinder your progress.


OldPain2Go Appointments

  • Sessions can last from 1 -2 hours depending on the complexity or simplicity of why the pain has remained with you for so long.


  • In most cases, only one session is needed.


  • A typical session involves a deep discussion between client and therapist to initiate an understanding of what pain is, why you may have it and to talk to the part of your mind that controls these pain messages. The session ends with some relaxation techniques in which the you can be seated or lying down.​

  • Other Therapies can be used in conjunction with OldPain2Go

  • It is necessary that you see or have seen a doctor prior to an OldPain2Go session, this is so you have the proper diagnoses for the condition you would like help with. if you have been given or recommended painkillers by the doctor for your condition,  this is the green light that the pain you are feeling is unnecessary and it is safe to get rid of that pain.

  • it is recommended that you read through this weblink before a session. You may not have the conditions described on this page but it will give you more of why you may be feeling this pain

Cancellations/missed appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, or for any reason are unable to attend, please notify me as soon as possible. I will try my best to accommodate any changes you need to make to treatment times and locations.

If cancelling an appointment within 24 hours, a fee of £20 will be charged.

There will be no charge for any changes made to your booking up to 24 hours prior to appointment.

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We look forward to seeing you at our clinic,

Jess X

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