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The Healthy, Happy, Fun Way to a Better Life.

Instant access to on-demand coaching material from Jess

Golden Bear Positive Membership

30 day money back guarantee - Cancel Anytime - no commitments 

How Positive membership works

Step 1

Jess creates coaching videos, guided meditations and workbooks

Classes vary in length, easy to follow, fun to partake in and with quick results

Step 2

Watch, Listen and Learn at your own leisure

You will find a variety of coaching material to help you blossom and reach your mental, emotional and physical health goals

Step 3

Achieve increased self esteem, self confidence, happiness and health

Just follow along and start seeing results!

3 Benefits of joining Positive Membership

Healthy at any age

Become Healthier and Reach your Goals

With access to Jess's on-demand videos, meditations, workbooks, and quotes, you'll have everything you need to improve your physical and mental health, reach your goals, and live a more fulfilling life

Conference Call with Sign Language

Learn over 50 Self-Healing Techniques

Over time you will learn how you can improve your physical and mental health. These techniques include coaching, meditation, Qigong, acupressure, breathwork, visualisation, and more. With these techniques, you can learn to relax, focus, and heal yourself from the inside out

Breathing Meditation

Feel More in Control of Your Life

With Jess's guidance and motivation you'll learn in a fun and informative way, how to start taking control of your mind, how to achieve and maintain peace of mind, how to build new healthy habits and how to create a more empowered life.

Christian Parker, Computer Engineer

"I have learnt so many skills from Jess and I am now leading a more positive lifestyle with the tools to keep being the best version of myself"
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What you receive with your membership

For just £9.99 a month you receive...

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Motivational Videos and Podcasts on all topics relating to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Meditate at the beach

Meditation Packages that will calm, re-energise, and renew you from the inside out.

Online Course

Free Access to Jess's Online Short Courses to help you learn new skills and improve your health and wellbeing.​

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Inspirational quotes to help you stay positive and motivated.

Colorful Book Spines

Access to Downloadable and Printable Workbooks

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Get Discounted Private Coaching on individual sessions with Jess to really up your game!

£9.99 / Month

that's the same as just 3 cups of coffee!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee  -  Risk Free  -  Cancel Anytime 


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let Jess know within 30 days of your purchase and she'll issue a refund immediately

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