The Health Creation Programme Hard Copy Workbook

The Health Creation Programme Hard Copy Workbook

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The Health Creation Programme is brilliant, containing almost all the information you will ever need on Health! You will use this as a tool to improve your health, wellbeing and fulfilment in life. You will identify where healthy change is needed in your habits and lifestyle, making important changes in your underlying beliefs and emotional patterns. This will enable you to live true to yourself, becoming happier and healthier day by day.


Within the programme you will find:

  • 5 self assessment exercises which shine a light on how  you are doing and what needs to change
  • An interactive workbook with many helpful activities when working on each of the 12 Health Creation principles
  • 2 CDs; Know Yourself and Heal Yourself or we will give you a free code for a download
  • 6 monthly assessment booklets
  • 6 monthly action plans


This programme is ideal for those wishing to improve their health, reduce health risks and to recover after illness, stress or life crisis.


    Your beautiful Health Creation Programme will be delivered to you in the next 3 - 5 business days.