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Hey there! I'm Jess and I love nature. I also love people, animals…bears, birds, cats, donkeys and horses to name but a few.


It was because of my passion for horses, at the age of 19, I decided to travel the world working as a pain management specialist in the equine industry. I trekked with horses in the Patagonian mountains and swam with them in the Ecuadorian sea; hitchhiked 3,000km from Canada to southern California and lived with Native Americans. If there is one important thing my adventures taught me it is this…the problem wasn’t just with the horse’s wellbeing but that of their owners...


As I questioned them more, I became acutely aware not only of their challenges but how many of my loved ones were struggling too. I saw with my own eyes the debilitating effects of anxiety and stress in my own family (including myself) and friendship circle and all the diseases this lead to including IBS, excema, Cancer, diabetes, dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and heart attacks. 



And how were they treating these illnesses? With prescription drugs!  I believe covering up symptoms with a pill is NOT the answer. I yearned to help them heal themselves holistically and eradicate their pain and anxiety with the right nourishment, positive mental attitude and lifestyle changes. And so my passion, my purpose in life, was born…to discover the real root of mental and physical illness.  


I qualified as a Bowen therapist and soon after travelled to a war struck Bosnia to help and treat the terrified victims. There I came to understand even more about the paralysing grip of anxiety and depression. Most interesting was how those who experienced the same traumatic situation coped completely differently to one another. Some would gain, learn and move forward into health, growth and freedom whilst others would dwell and stay in past memories, take a step backward and fall into mental and physical illness. It became even more clear to me how state of the mind combined with lifestyle play a MASSIVE role not only in illness, BUT also recovery.  


My curiosity led me to further studies, and now, I am a Health Creation Mentor, RAISE life coach and Bowen Therapist. 


I look back on my own journey and see where I have turned corners from being terrified to speaking publicly to hosting and coaching groups; from procrastinating to being a doer; from bottling my emotions up to expressing them freely; from suffering with severe IBS to now full health. Fear and my associated limiting beliefs were holding me back. ‘I am not good enough', ‘I am the wrong type of person’, ‘I am not a motivated person’, 'they will think I am weak if i say how I really feel', ‘I can't cure my IBS'.


Learning how to overcome these blocks and fears has made me a new woman. For the first time in my life I was able to see a clear and positive future. I am the most powerful person in my own destiny and the only limits were the ones I created in my mind. 


If I can feel this way, so can you!

Now through working with physical, mental and emotional therapies, I have seen ‘miracles’ happen. The wheelchair bound walking up and down stairs; the bed ridden riding in equine competitions; the anxiety debilitated finding the self-belief and courage to live out their dreams. Seeing people suffering with chronic stress, anxiety and depression flourish to new levels where self doubt, fatigue and feeling helpless a thing of the past, is why I have built Golden Bear Therapies, a community born out of my proven techniques, skills and passion to help.  My Golden Bear programmes will help you find clarity in mind, body and spirit, soar to new heights and find your inner courage, passion and vitality. The ultimate healing experience.


I am here for you,


  Jess  x

With Life Coaching I was able to see a positive and clear future for myself for the first time ever 

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