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Break Free from Stress, Anxiety
& Overwhelm

Be Happy, Achieve Your Goals
& Get Your Mojo Back!

Welcome to The Health Creation Programme Online

Your personalised map to lasting health, happiness and zing!

Do you long to feel...

1. Calm and centered, instead of stressed and overwhelmed?

2. Empowered and motivated, instead of stuck and discouraged?

3. Crystal clear about your goals and confident in achieving them?

We all know the new year starts with grand intentions and a burst of enthusiasm for positive change. But what happens when that spark begins to fade? The Health Creation Programme will help you not only get on track, but stay on track.

Imagine feeling...

1. Energised and vibrant, with a body that moves with ease.

2. Calm and clear-headed, with a mind focused and productive.

3. Confident and empowered, ready to tackle any challenge.

3 Benefits of Starting the Health Creation Programme

Smiling woman

Take Your Health Back into Your Hands

Gain the tools and know-how to understand your own mind & body. Feel empowered with the knowledge & motivation  to take care of your health & wellbeing. 

Happy Female Gardener

Experience your Birthright for Happiness, Health and Vitality

Wake up feeling alive, ready to embrace each day with a grin!

Healthy at any age

Make Lasting, Sustainable Healthy Changes for your Body & Mind

so that your inner and outer worlds are aligned, creating a foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

"Coaching has given me my life back"

"I had the most amazing experience with Jess as my health coach. Before starting with her I was on medication for anxiety and feeling low about myself and life. Coaching has given me my life back. I no longer take medication, I wake up feeling positive and I feel myself again. I could not recommend Jess and her Coaching enough. I will forever be grateful"

Jennifer Trigg

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Personalised & Powerful Support


One-to-One Sessions with Jess

Her caring guidance and flexible sessions (video calls or phone calls, your choice!) are just a cuppa away. Drop the commute, stay comfy, and unlock your healthiest self, one step at a time.


Learn the 12 Key Principles to Full Health & Vitality

Jess, along with your online Health Creation Portal packed full of scientifically backed holistic health information, exercises and guided audio tracks will guide you through the 12 key principles for full health and vitality. You will start to understand what is stopping you and how you can move forward with a positive plan alongside Jess's constant support and your life Long health Creation Portal.


Your Very Own Personal Diagnostic

Go beyond surface symptoms with your very own online personal health diagnostic, where you will reveal your Picture of Health,a powerful tool to unmask the true source of your stress, anxiety, unhappiness and exhaustion. From here, with Jess, you can start to unlock sustainable health, rediscover inner peace, and finally thrive.


Jess will Help you Find your Joy

Unlock your energy, joy, and purpose through proven strategies and self-discovery techniques, so that you can radiate confidence and positivity as you tackle life's challenges with gusto!

So, How does the Health Creation Programme Work?


Let's Chat

First, after enrolling, Jess will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute call. No pressure, just an open friendly chat to explore your needs, issues and goals. 


Embark on Your Journey

Book your personalised coaching sessions with Jess. One hour each month, for 6 months, you'll receive her dedicated guidance and motivation to unlock your full potential.


Build Your Roadmap

Through a comprehensive personal diagnostic on your first session, you'll gain deep insights into your unique needs. Together with Jess each session, you'll craft personalised goals and an actionable plan to propel you forward out of stress, anxiety and ill health.


Upon enrolment, unlock lifetime access to the exclusive Health Creation Portal online, designed & written by Jess's incredible tutor and renowned integrative Doctor, dr. Rosy Daniels (who ran the successful Bristol Cancer Help Centre/Penny Brohn UK).

Packed with resources, tools, and all the holistic health information you would ever need, it's your ongoing guide to lasting health and happiness.


Embrace a Supportive Tribe: Gain access to Golden Bear Therapies vibrant Facebook group, your haven for daily inspiration, connection, and accountability. Share your triumphs, get real-time feedback from Jess and fellow members, and celebrate wins together.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Jess,

Once upon a time, resolutions and goals were my nemesis.


Conquering sugar, mastering self-expression, even starting a donkey farm in Spain (don't ask)!


But a few months later, after setting these good intentioned goals, motivation would fizzle faster than a damp firework, leaving me stressed and defeated. And we've all experienced this, more than we like to admit.


I thought I was juggling life, but really, I was drowning in it.

Then, I found the Health Creation Programme.


It wasn't just about healthy diets and hitting the gym – it was a deep dive into my own "resolution roadblocks." And let me tell you, stress was a major detour! IBS, dermatitis, zero energy – my body was screaming for help.

But through this programme, I unraveled the stress knot, learned to listen to my body, and discovered my inner oasis.


Now, I'm thriving - in Spain, no less, with a donkey, two dogs and my life long partner as my companions!



But my journey isn't over. Seeing the Health Creation Programme transform others like me ignited a passion: to become a Health Creation coach and mentor, sharing the keys to lasting change and helping others find their own sunshine. 

let me help you find yours...

"Thankyou for changing my life"

" Jess has been simply amazing, she's managed to help me rebalance my life and put a whole new burst of positivity back into it.
Anyone who's searching for help or who hasn't quite figured out where they need to be should definitely give Jess a call, the skills I've learnt over the past 8 sessions are a daily reminder of how great my life is now, and how thankful I am for having the courage to ask for help. Reaching out isn't a weakness.
Thank you for changing my life "

Matt Street

"There is help out there and her name is Jess"

"I recommend Jess to anyone with any troubles, problems, negativity and low self esteem. There is help out there and her name is Jess! She has helped me immensely...and shown me the way forward to a better, brighter future."

Tracey Elms

"I've gained the courage to live my dream"

"Jess gave me the belief in myself that I never had. Before starting this life changing programme I suffered with constant anxiety and stress which got in the way of every aspect of my life, nowadays I feel mentally, physically and emotionally balanced, with next to no anxiety. I’ve gained the courage to live my dream."

Jane Edmunds

In Total, When You Join The Health Creation Programme You Get...

​1 x Introductory Session (30 minutes): Get acquainted with your personalised Health Creation Portal and meet your guide, Jess (£45 Value)

6 months of One-on-One Coaching with Jess (6 x 1 hour sessions): Dive into personalised guidance with Jess, either by video call or phone, your choice (£510 Value) 

Access to Golden Bear's Private Facebook Community: Find inspiration, connection, and accountability within a supportive tribe of fellow wellness seekers. (Included)


Lifetime Access to the Online Health Creation Portal: Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of scientifically backed holistic health resources, exercises, and guided audio tracks (£120 Value)

As well as...

6 x In depth Personal Diagnostic Questionnaires (£72 Value)

The Power of Breath: Your Key to a Better Life Short Course (£35 Value)


56 Day Sugar Reset Short Course (£20 Value)


21 day meditation Challenge (Included) 

That's a total of £802 in programme materials, including One-to-One coaching.

What's the Investment?

When you join Jess's 6 month Health Creation programme now, you get lifetime access to all your programme materials and 6 months of Health Creation 1-1coaching with Jess for only £600 (one time payment) or £100 per month (for 6mnths only)

So for just £3.30 a day, and only for the next 6 months (The same as a pint down the pub) you can become your most empowered, radiant, happiest and healthiest self. This includes £802 value of programme materials.

And the best part is: you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

"I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel"

"I'd highly recommend Jess to anyone who has been struggling to find their way in life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, Jess will support you all the way! When I started with Jess I was feeling very stuck, but just in five months she has given me the confidence, motivation and encouragement that I needed to move forward. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Tom Rees

Start Your Health Creation Programme:

Enrol HCP

6 Month Health Creation Programme



Every month

Pay per Month (6 months)

Valid for 6 months

1x 30 min Intro Session (£45 Value)

6x 1hr Health Creation 1-1 Coaching Sessions (£510 Value)

1 Year Access to Online Health Creation Portal(£120 Value)

Access to Private FB Support Group (Included)


6x Diagnostic Questionnaires (£72 Value)

The Power of Breath Short Course (£35 Value)

56 Day Sugar Reset Short Course (£20 Value)

21 Day Meditation Challenge (Included)

6 Month Health Creation Programme



One-Time Payment

Valid for 6 months

1x 30 min Intro Session (£45 Value)

6x 1hr Health Creation 1-1 Coaching Sessions (£510 Value)

1 year Access to Online Health Creation Portal(£120 Value)

Access to Private FB Support Group (Included)


6x Diagnostic Questionnaires (£72 Value)

The Power of Breath Short Course (£35 Value)

56 Day Sugar Reset Short Course (£20 Value)

21 Day Meditation Challenge (Included)

"A sense of calm and focus I never thought possible"

"I was constantly ill, tired, overwhelmed and scattered before joining the programme. The mindfulness and goal-setting techniques I learned helped me achieve a sense of calm and focus I never thought possible. Now, I'm crushing my professional goals, I am in best health ever and I am more present in my personal life."

Amy Birch

Still Not Sure?

That's completely natural and Jess understands that!

So book in a FREE Discovery Call and have a friendly chat with Jess. No pressure, just a simple chat to see if it's the right thing for you!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let Jess know within 30 days of your purchase and she'll issue a refund immediately

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