The Belief that you Can Heal Yourself

Hi, I'm Jess Adshead,

 My Mission 

To help you grow strong from your roots and heal yourself the way nature intended.

My Vision

To Create a world where Self Care and Self Belief are the strengths of each and every one of us.

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I know how to help you...


Most of my adult life has been dedicated to helping people overcome mental, emotional and physical challenges, this has given me the expertise to help you grow strong from the roots and to truly start blossoming in life.


My yearning to help came from seeing too many loved ones suffering unnecessarily and not being able to find the help they truly needed. I longed to find a solution that was not a drug prescription masking an ever expanding list of problems BUT a permanent holistic solution to eradicate Pain, Anxiety and Depression...and I found it, I am a Bowen Therapist, Health Creation Mentor, RAISE life Coach and OldPain2Go practitioner, over 10 years on I have been able to help hundreds of people turn their lives around to be happy, healthy, thriving and passion filled.

Through my Golden Bear range of step by step group programmes, online programmes and private coaching programmes I now Educate, Motivate and Support people dealing with Mental, Emotional and Physical challenges in creating the life they deserve.

I am here for you EVERY step of the way.













"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." -Dr. Seuss

Yoga at Home

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Feeling Stuck?

Is anxiety, pain or depression controlling your life?

Are your energy levels always low?

Do you feel that illness has taken over your life

Is fear stopping you from living the life you truly want?

Are you feeling so overwhelmed with everything in life that you end up doing nothing?

Do you find it hard to control your emotions?

Do you find it easier sometimes to stay in bed and not face the world?

Do you feel alone in your thoughts?

You have come to the right place, we can help you change this.

Yoga at Home

Join our Golden Bear Community Now to receive FREE Health and Wellbeing Tips & Support

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Join our Golden Bear Community now to receive FREE online Health and Well being tips and support 

Join my Golden Bear Community and step into your freedom.

You will...

Feel understood, valued and secure as I get to know you and your challenges so that you can move forward with peace of mind in my Golden Bear Family

Take part in your personal diagnostic so that your challenges are highlighted and together we can create an outstanding plan to start rejuvenating your health, propel you forward and create an outstanding future


Learn the 12 principles needed for full health and vitality so you feel at the top of your game, bursting with energy with a mind that functions at 100% clarity


Understand the mindset tools to overcome anxiety and depression and increase self-belief so that you can take control of your life and create the destiny you desire and live your dreams


Turn fear into power so that you can flourish in any challenging



Discover tips and exercises so that you can manage or eliminate your pain


Make a sustainability plan so that you can carry on and maintain the new healthy and vibrant you

I am fully trained and qualified using cutting edge Techniques and Therapies to give you the best possible experience

Health Creation Mentoring - Trained with Dr Rosy Daniels, leading expert in integrative medicine and Medical Director Bristol Cancer Help Centre 1996-1999 

RAISE Life Coaching - Trained with Paul Stalker 'The happiness Engineer' as seen on channel 4 

Bowen Therapy - Trained with Julian Baker founder of European College of Bowen Studies 


Exercise and Rehabilitation - Trained with Jihan Adem TMJ specialist


OldPain2Go - Trained with Emma Arms Master Practitioner & International Trainer

Find out more about how best to work with me:

I offer different coaching programmes depending on your needs, across the UK and Internationally via Zoom.

Clarity and Vitality starter programme

In this Health Creation programme you will have 6 months to re-charge with me. You will learn the 12 key principles to full health and happiness, work through your blocks to progress and start on the path to a new, exciting and healthy life.

Super charged Clarity and Vitality 101

In this in depth, feeling on top of the world 6 month programme, I equip you will ALL the tools, techniques and support you need so that you can move forward with full Health, Vitality, Happiness and Confidence to live the life you have always desired.

Illness to Health Breakthrough


An intensive full on 20 week programme for people who are experiencing extreme physical or mental challenges. This programme gets your life back on track and out of illness, together we can find the radiant person you were born to be.

Yoga Practice

Clarity and Vitality Maintenance Membership

This one year Gold Membership is for those of you who have already embarked on another Golden Bear programme with me and want to stay in peak mental and physical Health.

Not sure which programme is right for you? Don't panic! Everyone gets a FREE personal diagnostic call to help steer you in the right direction.


FREE Personal Diagnostic Call

Take part in your personal diagnostic so that your challenges are highlighted and together we can create an outstanding plan to rejuvenate your health, propel you forward and create an outstanding future.

Yoga Group

Group Coaching Programme

Coming Soon


Success Stories


Jennifer Trigg, June 2021

"I had the most amazing experience with Jess as my health coach. Before starting with her I was on medication for anxiety and feeling low about myself and life. Coaching has given me my life back. I no longer take medication, I wake up feeling positive and I am feeling myself again. I could not recommend Jess and her Coaching more. I will forever be grateful"


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