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Rebalance your Life and Live your Dream (Even if you're like, super duper stressed!)

Let me guess, another 6:30 AM alarm rudely ripped you from your dreams of cosy cabins and sprawling veggie patches, right? Sound familiar? This guy knows about it...

That familiar knot of stress tightens in your stomach as you face another day at work, in a job that doesn't feel right for you anymore. Even though your favourite pooches playful morning antics manage to crack a smile, life continues to be overwhelming and heavy. Been there, friend, been there.

Here's the truth: living the dream doesn't have to be some filtered fantasy for trust-fund kids and productivity gurus. It's about boosting self esteem, noticing and speaking to the "you're not good enough" chatter, and taking that first wobbly step towards a life that truly sets your spirit soaring.

Trust me, I've been there with the self doubt, the overwhelming feeling of "how am I ever going to achieve that?", the monkey mind that told me I will never make it and the ever present feeling of being stuck on that hamster wheel that lead to nowhere.

But, I've shown myself that it is possible to change, and to get off that hamster wheel. I've done the journey (and still doing the journey) and now living my dream in the Spanish mountains with my partner, 2 dogs, donkey and my ever growing veggie garden! Wuhoo! Literally my dream come true.

Here's me (and Luna!) now in my dream life, that has become a reality, from doing the things I will be letting you in on in this blog!

So, you're not alone in feeling stuck. The hamster wheel of daily grind can be mighty convincing, spinning tales of "comfort" and "stability" while subtly sucking the joy out of your days.

But here's the kicker: you deserve more than just surviving, you deserve to flourish, life really is very short!

Now, before you get swamped by self-help lingo, let's break it down into three super achievable keys that won't require chanting crystals or wearing a vision board as a hat (although, hey, if you do that, more power to you. Personally, I love a crystal and a vision board. I currently have a vision board sat right next to me, they really do work!).

So, let me give you my 3 top tips so you can start rebalancing your life and start on your path to happiness, fulfilment and living your dream:

1. Befriend Your Intuition (It's Not Just for Hippies!): Remember those whispers of wide-open spaces, starlit skies and walking in the direction your heart pulls you in? That's your intuition, your inner compass, your inner knowing when something is not quite right, or, is very right, guiding you towards your dream life. Tune into it and really listen! It really is the key to your true happiness and fulfilment in life.

Instead of dismissing it as "just a fantasy," ask yourself: what truly makes me tick?

What would make my heart sing, even if it feels "impossible" right now?

Write it down, visualise it, and trust that this inner voice holds the key to unlocking your happiness.

This is the main key that opened the door to my dream!

2. Baby Steps, Big Dreams: Don't let the enormity of your dream paralyse you. When you look at everything you will need to do and to be to get there, this sends the mind and body straight into a place where you want to pull the covers back over. Massive overwhelm. Which quite frankly you probably need less of right now!

So it's understandable why sometimes it's easier to just carry on as we are. Staying in the comfort zone of what we know. Even if we are not happy.

But what is life if we stay hidden, repressed, unhappy and unfulfilled?

Ask yourself now.

So the key here is to start small. Really, start small. What is the next tiniest step you could possibly take to get you there? To get you to your dream? To get you to your happy healthy, fulfilled place? Your true potential?

By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard it's hard.

Maybe it's researching sustainable living, joining a local gardening club,  volunteering at an animal shelter or even just listening to a relaxing visualisation of a positive

future (You can find a future visualisation follow

along on my members page, along with

many more!)

Each step, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a ripple in the pond, sending you closer to your ultimate goal. Remember, even the mightiest oak started as a tiny acorn.

3. Find Your Tribe: Surround yourself with people who cheer you on, not hold you back. Maybe it's your supportive partner or friend, a group of like-minded souls online, a wild swimming or hiking group or even a therapist who can help you navigate the emotional hurdles (yes, therapy is cool, and it can be a game-changer for stress and anxiety). Remember, you don't have to go it alone!

Now, I know it can be scary to step outside your comfort zone. But guess what?

The most beautiful things in life are found there.

Embrace the messy, the unknown, and trust that you have the strength and resilience to create a life that truly reflects your values and dreams.

And hey, if you stumble along the way, that's part of life, there is always a lesson to be learnt from it.  Just dust yourself off, praise yourself for trying (cos that's what gets you there), take a deep breath of crisp air, and keep rolling towards that dream life, my friend!

Jess X

P.S. If you're still feeling overwhelmed, remember, resources are plentiful! Check out online communities, podcasts on stress management and holistic healing (find tonnes of resources like this by trying my membership for free) or even consider seeking professional help from a therapist in your area or online (yes, they exist and they're awesome!). You've got this, my friend. Now go chase those dreams!

P.P.S. And hey, if you ever need a virtual pep talk or someone to commiserate with over the latest Attenborough documentary, my inbox is always open!

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